5 Hacks for Easy Hair Style at Morning

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Morning is a difficult time because you have to manage several chores. The most difficult thing in the morning is hairstyling. It is the most challenging time of a day to brush and style your hair. There is no need to worry anymore because here 5 hacks for easy hairstyle at the morning. These hacks can make your morning easy.

1. Overnight Hairstyle for Medium and Thick Hair

If you have limited time in the morning, you can try this hairstyle. You will need a fabric headband to create pretty and soft waves overnight. Follow these steps:

• Divide your hair into two equal sections, brush them to remove tangles and put a headband over the top of hair to keep this hairstyle secure. If you notice any bump, just pull the hair down to make them flat.

• Spray some water in the section below your headband to make hair moist.

• Twist the one section of hair and wrap this section around your headband. Make sure to start behind your ear.

• Replicate this procedure with the other section of hair.

• Spray the wrapped and back portion of hair with a hairspray before going to bed.

• Once you wake up in the morning, you can slowly unwrap both sections while keeping the headband on your head. After releasing all curls, you can take off the headband.

• You can scrunch waves to give some style to your curls with some texturizing cream.

2. Messy Hair Bun

The #messy bun is a quick hairstyle looks flattering and cute. Here are some instructions for this hairstyle:

If you have wet hair, let them dry naturally to retain their texture. Put some dry shampoo in the roots of the hair and massage this #shampoo.

Gather all hair to make a high ponytail. Instead of using brush or comb, you can use your fingers to gather all hair. Put one hair elastic on the tail, twist this tail and pull half ponytail through the hair elastic.

Continue twisting your ponytail into elastic to form a bun with your hair. Now secure this bun with one hair elastic. Pull some hair apart to make your bun lose and tuck ends under the elastic.

You can release some hair in front of your face.

3. Instant Hair Crimps

Make a braid with your hair (maybe one, two or even more as per the thickness of your hair).

Press these braids between the plates of a flat iron.

Let your hair cool and undo all braids. You will get a beautiful crimped texture.

4. #Braided Bun (Upside Down)

Tip your head downward and brush them to remove tangles. Take three strands of hair and start a braid.

After completing the braid, secure it with one elastic and pull hair into one pony. Use and other elastic to secure hair.

Now wrap hair to make a messy bun and secure it with some bobby pins and elastic.

To finish this look, pull apart some hair from your braid. Use a good quality hairspray to secure your #hairstyle.

5. Easy Rope Twist

Remove knots from hair with your brush.

Gather all hair in one high ponytail, low #ponytail or a side ponytail.

Split this #ponytail into two segments and twist both segments toward the left.

#Carefully wrap left segment over the right segment to make the twist like a rope. Swap hands while wrapping sections to maintain tensions in your braid.

Keep #twisting until you completely wrap the left segment on the right one. You can leave some hair open in the end.

Use a clear elastic to secure the ends. You can slowly stretch the sides of the braid to give a thick look to your braid.

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