Autumn 2018 Fashion Trends

Autumn is without a doubt one of the trendiest times in the year. In the months of the changing season, everything goes in terms of fashion. It’s the time when we see the most innovation and the most daring looks.

Keeping in line with the spirit of autumn, the trends of fall 2018 did not disappoint us. So many new and unique trends were showcased on the runways as well as on the streets. If you missed out on them, here are the best ones.

Animal Print

It may seem weird at first, but animal print came back this fall and we loved it! Spots and stripes were to be seen everywhere. It’s not too late to join in on this trend! Go get your zebra, leopard, snakeskin or cheetah print clothes asap.


Gone are the days when tweed was something only lame old college professors wore. This autumn, tweed was one of the trendiest looks on the runways. From tweed suits to tweed coats, we saw it all. It’s also the perfect trend to get on board with if you want to be your boss self, with a hint of seriousness.

Leather Dresses

It really does feel like we’re living in the early 2000s with all these old fashion trends getting revived. Leather dresses, yet again, are back in fashion. But, the world of fashion is moving beyond the conventional black leather dress and is daring to venture into leather dresses of different colors. Some people have also decided to mix and match different colors, and it looks amazing!


We’re also seeing a lot of capes out in the street this fall. The variety of capes this autumn has been insane. From wool to cotton to silk, there is no boundary to what material can be used. We have to say that they look super fashionable and you feel like a super hero wearing them.


Autumn 2018 also bought about a futuristic fashion feel to the fashion world. We’re seeing a lot of silver clothes this fall, and a lot of robotic elements in outfits. It seems like something set in a Sci-Fi movie, or perhaps a hint of what fashion may be like in 2050. Regardless, the silver looks amazing and we definitely want to see more of it.

These were just our top favorite trends from this autumn. There are plenty of more trends that you’ll be able to see around you. Choose your favorites and start having fun!

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